martes, 19 de febrero de 2008


Marili says that everything is "the fruit of loves and cheatings seeded in her, from the very first day she played a guitar and knew that that hug would last forever ". Singer, composer, excellent guitar player, she grew up in a family in which different cultural influences were combined. By the maternal side, the tradition of the European immigrants, who gave origin to the tango and, by the paternal side, the folklore of the Argentine interior, concretely the one of Santiago del Estero. Between those two currents it grew and thus it was adopting his own musical style: the synthesis between telluric and the urban music.
Her art is based on the ductility of her voice, her changing voice without breaks, that allow her to show in different moments a moving force and in others, a smooth privacy. With her voice she transports us, in a personal way, to each of the corners of tango and pop music of the continent.
Marili gained a great number of performances and recognitions in different festivals all round Argentina. In 1992 it was "Revelation" in the Festival of Jesus Maria. In 1994 it was also "Revelation", nothing less, than in the Festival of Cosquin. From then on, and to date, she has been making tours all around the world with recognized typical orchestras directed by masterful such as Trimming Tripodi, Alberto Di Paulo, Osvaldo Montes and Anibal Arias. Marili belonged to the company “Forever Tango”, with which she appeared in innumerable stages of United States. In Argentina she has performed in the most recognized theatres and auditoriums. She has recorded several albums of her own and also, with the artists with whom she shared stage.
Made tours as Cultural Representative of Argentina. Marili has performed in different festivals in almost all of the Argentinean provinces, such as Tucumán, La Rioja, Catamarca, Jujuy, Ushuaia, etc. She has made a tour accompanied by Horacio Guarany. She appeared in National Radio with her show "La canción de nosotros", besides having shared stage with Yamila Cafrune. She performed in Japan together with the “Los Laicas”. Soon, her new album (RCA VICTOR) was published. She also performed in Japan with the tango typical orchestra, directed by Orlando Tripodi (they gave almost 60 concerts in all that country).Later it was released the CD in which those concerts were recorded. In Córdoba (1995), she published a CD supported by the municipality, and sponsored by Eladia Blázquez, called "Mujeres de Córdoba". She recorded her own CD which included different genres of music, "Quimera”, in 1996. She acted in the place called Casablanca. Also performed with Mayoral and Elsa Maria in the show "the Great ones of the Tango", in the Tortoni Coffee with Rubén Ferrero, in the show called "Hacedor de Palabras", in the National Library, Scala of San Telmo, with her show "Fruit of Loves", in the National Theatre Cervantes with the orchestra of Juan de Dios Filiberto, directed by Osvaldo Piro, in the main hall of the House of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, worked with Guillermo Fernandez in Las Heras ( Buenos Aires). In 2004, she performed in Japan together with Anibal Arias, and between October and December of that year in Germany presenting/displaying the spectacle "Argentine Women”. Her third Japanese tour was made in company of Alberto Di Paulo and his great orchestra. We can remember, in addition, her performance as a singer in “The house of Homero Manzi”. Her tours round Germany as Cultural Representative of Argentina are outstanding. In Berlin she made the Creole Argentina Prayer together with the choir of Berlin in the Friedesch Palast, to emphasize the recent recording of her CD, "La canción nuestra", accompanied by the Argentine bandoneón player, Rene García, in different songs. It’s worth to emphasize the two complete tours years 2005 and 2006 in Germany and in those same years, her performances in the Large house of the Theatre of Beatriz Urtubey, first cycle year 2005 and beginning in February of the year 2006 its successful second cycle, recording live in this house her new recorded material Marili Machado "In Concert", in that same year She appeared in the City of Córdoba as the singer invited to the Provincial Orchestra of Citizen Music directed by the teacher Osvaldo Piro. She keeps on with the presentations in the Large house of the Theatre of Beatriz Urtubey, rendering a tribute to the great ones. She participated with her voice and guitar in the cycle “Remarkable bars”.
Year 2007; She is incorporated as a stable singer in Piazzolla Tango, continuous with her performances in the Large house of the Theatre, and is invited in the month of May to participate in the cycle "Musiques of the Mon" in the Main Theatre in Menorca Spain, offering an ample repertoire of Latin American music.

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